Meal Prep Idea

Alright so you guys have probably heard of meal prepping but you might think it’s a lot of work. That’s what I thought at first until I tried it. Now I meal prep every week! yes it’s actually easier than trying to figure out what to buy everyday for lunch or cooking everyday if you don’t like eating out all the time, like me. Plus you save a lot of money and time which are two things that we care about a lot. Check out my video to get started on meal prepping and see that it’s not hard at all and you get to eat a delicious meal (no chicken and rice or yucky bland turkey). Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to my  YouTube channel! xoxo – Silvia


4 6oz Pork Chops – from local store look for antibiotic and hormone free! I also rinse with water and pat dry before seasoning

2 sweet potatoes – from local store try to get organic also rinse before cutting

Brussels sprouts – from local store and rinse before cutting

Red onion – from local store

Pink Himalayan salt – get here or your local store

Favorite seasoning – I use the Simply Organics Adobo Seasoning from Whole Foods

Cooking Oil – I use avocado oil which is way healthier than vegetable oil like corn or canola. Don’t use a whole lot, a little goes a long way.

Kitchen Scale – Can get here
Season pork chops with your favorite seasoning front and back. Cook on a pan 8 mins per side or till browned and fully cooked and throw in onions and cover for another 4-5 minutes.

Season sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts with oil and seasoning the bake sweet potatoes in oven set timer to 30 mins at 425 f the bake them for 20 mins. After you put Brussels sprouts on top of the sweet potatoes and bake for 10 mins remaining. Then put oven to broil at 500 f for 3-4 mins and move sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts to the top rack. Take out after time is up and sprinkle a bit of salt on top.

Use scale to measure sweet potatoes about 3.5 oz per tray and then put Brussels sprouts and pork chop in tray with onions and left over juice.

Refrigerate once cooled down.

Author: S i l v i a M

I'm a YouTube health/beauty vlogger. Follow me for more health and beauty tips! Helping you feel your MOST beautiful because beauty starts from within.

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