My Fitness Must Haves

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My Story and Mission

Because I used to struggle a lot with my health (acne, body inflammation, weight fluctuation, and even pre-cancerous cells) I did a lot of research on foods, supplements, and health in general. I learned that you CAN’T trust companies just because they are selling and marketing the product in a way that it’s supposed to be good for you. I always read the ingredients list of anything I take because that’s where the truth lies, not on the fancy labels or even the nutrition facts label. I think it’s super important to know what you are eating because it can make a huge difference in your health like it did mine. I don’t eat foods or take supplements with artificial ingredients or chemicals because of the data showing how harmful it can be to one’s health. And I try to stick to whole plant based foods as much as I can, while staying away from highly processed foods like deli meat such as ham or Doritos for example (which used to be my favorite chips). 

As soon as I cleaned up my diet, my health improved tremendously. My skin problems got way better, my energy increased, my immune system improved dramatically, and getting into great shape is just a great side effect. I will never recommend something I would not take such as a popular drink or supplement even if they would pay me because I know my health and others health is what I care about. I want to help as many people as I can because our population is highly unhealthy due to all the high processed foods and food industry advertisements of unhealthy foods. The number one killer in this country is heart disease and the main cause is diet. So this is so much more than just fitness, it’s about living a healthy life and enjoy it till we die. Please reach out to me if you ever have any questions on nutrition and health.

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