Want to blast arm fat?

Show off your arms and feel confident! Check out my easy arm workout video if you don’t know where to start to get those arms sculpted. Enjoy loves and don’t forget to follow your girl for more fitness tips on Instagram or Facebook. Xoxo – Silvia

Your arms should be sore the next day and that means you did it correctly. Make sure you rest your arms for a few days to help the muscles repair. Take a protein powder after the workout to help speed up the recovery process like this Whey Protein Powder from Opportuniteas which is my favorite.

Complete Arm Workout:

4 sets total
Dumbbell bicep curl 10-12 reps
Superset with
Inner bicep curl 10-12 reps

4 sets total
Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension 12-15 reps

4 sets total
Incline dumbbell curl 12-15 reps

4 sets
Bench/Tricep Dips 15-20 reps

4 sets
Triceps Pushdown – Rope Attachment 12-15 reps

4 sets
Cable hammer curls – rope attachment 12-15 reps

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Why I Started My YouTube Channel

To be honest. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do in my life. I was working full time as an IT specialist for a big corporate company going on 5 years. I had a degree, a job, a boyfriend, my family, and friends. But I felt like something was missing in my life. I wanted to help people and make a difference in someone’s life but I didn’t know how. All I knew was that I had this passion for beauty and health but I didn’t know that there was a way for me to share it with all and that it could help others. Well at least it just didn’t click to me that I could start a YouTube channel. I then started doing research and step by step I launched my beauty channel. I finally felt like the missing pieces were coming into my life and I felt that it can become bigger than anything I could imagine. I want to share what I know and help empower other women to feel beautiful not just on the outside but also on the inside. I hope you guys get some value from my content and please feel free to reach out to me whenever! xoxo – Silvia

This is my first YouTube video. I was so nervous haha. But I did it.

A few facts about me: I’m 28 years old, I was born and raised in Houston, TX and currently living there. I’m Latina and love to travel and experience different cultures. Connect with me and follow my journey!