An easy to make Vegan Spaghetti recipe that’s Healthy

Tasty easy vegan spaghetti recipe that’s oil free, healthy, and great for beginners. Full vegan recipe details are below.

This is a great recipe if you are just starting to eat vegan. It’s tasty, healthy, and great for weight loss. Eating whole food plant based foods like this is the best way to be healthy, loose weight, and keep it off.

I’m not a chef but I really like to cook my own food because I can’t see at restaurants how they are cooking my food and what they are putting in it. Enjoy! xoxo

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Full Recipe

Whole Grain Whole Wheat Pasta
Engine 2 Tomato Pasta Sauce
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast (whole food cheese substitute) on Amazon here.

First bring water to boil in a pan. Once it’s boiling put pasta in pan with a little bit of garlic and onion powder (look at instructions on box to see how long to cook the pasta). Cut veggies and in a separate non stick pan that’s hot place veggies (no oil needed). Season with garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper. Stir and cover. When veggies are soft and cooked through put in pasta sauce stir and cover at medium heat. Once pasta sauce is boiling then turn off. Drain pasta once it’s soft and cooked through, put on a plate and then put pasta sauce on top. Sprinkle nutritional yeast on top for added flavor.


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